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MegaLogViewer MegaSquirt Edition
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MegaLogViewer Installation Download

This is where the latest MegaLogViewer can always be found.

Note: Version 2.9920 requires an updated registration key that is free to all registered users. To get your updated registration key go here: Update Registration

MegaLogViewer(x64)_setup_v4.4.43.exe - Use this File to install on 64 Bit Windows 35.07 MBytes
MegaLogViewerMS_4.1.05.dmg - Use this File to install on Mac OS X 65.28 MBytes
MegaLogViewer_32bit_v4.4.43.exe - Use this File to install on 32 or 64 bit Windows 33.88 MBytes
MegaLogViewer_v4.4.43.tar.gz - Use this File to install on Linux or Non-Windows (Linux, Unix...) 9.17 MBytes

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