This is a list of some of the parts or services that I have used and the level of satisfaction I have recieved. Remember, my experience extends well beyond Hoover.

More Performance -
Full Machine shop, engine building, performance installs, dyno.... This shop is top notch, spotless and equipped with specialties in modern performance. They are turning out some of the fastest street cars to be found. Check out some of their packages with proven results yet reasonable prices. Located in Charlotte North Carolina it is worth the drive.
ProMotion - (973)884-5936
You think finding a competent machine shop is no big problem, WRONG. Over the years I have seen fresh bores with gouges, or worse the cylinders are actually bored not square with the decks. I spent over a month moving my parts to different machine shops. Either the parts would never move or they would out right admit that they weren't up to the task of a stroker motor. Finally, a machine shop actually recomended me to Larry at Pro-Motion. All you have to do is walk into Larry's shop and you know your in the right place. Instead of finding old stock engines being rebuilt, all you see in his shop are race motors. He has done several projects for High-Tech Performance Magazine, and earned my trust(not an easy task). If you are in the Hanover NJ area and need high performance engine work done, I Recommend this shop.
LT1 Motorsports -
This is a place that caters to the extreme LT1 enthusiast. They have put together a streetable combination that has propelled thier own Z-28 through the quarter in 10.9 seconds Naturally aspirated and seem to be right on target for LT1 performance, especially if your looking to make a high winding solid cam LT1
Precision Industries -
I didn't realize how much a Vigilante Converter can do for you until I got this one. Not only does it flash to 4000 RPM at full throttle to give all the torque you can handle, but after each shift it helps maintain RPM. Where my SLP converter would fall to 4100 RPMs after a shift, the Vigilante never let the RPMs fall back below 4750, now 5250. You notice the extra slip, but far less than most converters with this much stall.
Lingenfelter Performance Engineering -
Hoover is actually not using many parts from lingenfelter at this point, but I have had numerous dealings with LPE on this and other projects. As time has gone by and I have tried many parts and combinations, I have come to respect many of the LPE parts. The Super Ram has proven itself to be excellent in most street applications. The LPE cam profiles are ground accurately and carry the most lift for their duration. LPE headers seem to put performance first. They are not the easiest to install, but have perfect bends, full extension from the head and are made of the heaviest gauge tube.
TPIS's Mini-Ram is a great piece. It is much easier to install and work around than the Super Ram, and is the perfect choice for an all out application. Even on milder applications you do not take as bad a torque punishment as often believed. This belief is usually stated by those without any hand on experience. It is in some ways more streetable than the high torque systems. It performs better on street tires, where high torque induction are actually more dependent on excellent traction. The Mini-Ram make power in motion. and camshafts however are another story. Not that the Cam profiles are bad, they are actually quite good. My one warning is; Where you should degree any cam, you must degree a TPIS cam. I have installed many TPIS camshafts, and have found them to be very rarely less than 5 off. I have found them as far as 9 off.
TTS Power Systems - (310) 669-8101
This company is hard to rate. Their software is primative, but quite functional. Programming your EPROM is much the same as tuning a DFI setup. It has turned what used to be a nightmare with a Hex-Editor into a system that anyone with a good understanding of EFI can use. Now you only have to know how to tune an engine for peak performance. There is no longer a need for a degree in computer science or engineering. It would be nice if it were Windows based, but this doesn't really make much differance for this software. The down side is customer service. I have ordered from this company twice, both time they told me I would get my software in 1-2 weeks, 6 months is a litle closer to reality. They are hard to find, no web page. It seems as though they could expand this company, but have no interest.

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