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Hoover is in pieces!!!
10 Second Daily Driver, No More!

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Never Happy, I knew that big block was going in one day!


New The Goal: 9.7 Naturally Aspirated on 93 oct pump gas, maintaining full daily use. But that still isn't enough, I want 8's when I spray, deep 8's.


as of 02-09-2003
Well over the past couple weekends I've been making progress. The 9 inch is pretty well done. I have quite a few pictures at MyPhotosOnline.Biz, Check out the sub folders Installed for quite a few detailed pictures of the coilovers and 4-Link.
Now the next big stumbling block is the headers. I looked at several alternatives. I checked out some C3 2 1/8 inch Hooker super comps and They weren't going in without major re-working and hung way low. I decided I had to go with custom headers, then after seeing a couple sets of custom headers others had I figured I was best off doing it myself. Maybe I am just too picky, but I hate having to waitfor someone to work me into their schedule, then 75% of the time they do a half ass job. Well at this point I am happy with my decision. Building the headers has been going smoother than I expected, and they are coming out excellent.
I have both sides tacked together and the drivers side fully welded except for the #7 cyl which I have decided to re-do. All my tubes are between 28 and 29 inches, except Number 7 which is closer 23 inches long. After loking at it, I can get it to full length pretty simple, so I might as well do it now before it is Jet Coated and I have to let it knaw in my stomach for ever more. The ZR-1 evaporator box bought quite a bit more space. Next weekend I should have the headers and heater box squared away. Then I just need to measure the driveshaft length to order it. With time permitting I'll pull the engine back out so it can be off to the machine shop.
as of 01-25-2003
After 3 years with no updates simply because, nothing really changed. I brackets raced most weekends, and drove it to work ever chance I got. Finally, instead of just dreaming about the Big Block we went into action. The entire old driveline is sold. The new one is in pieces, but mostly purchased.
Thus far my brother Ralph and I have done a mock install and we are currently working on getting the 4-Link and 9 inch in.
Check out the new parts list.
If that wasn't enough, Hoover is getting a whole new look, high rise hood, rear spoiler, 5 spoke rims and new paint. It is really moving along, but still have lots of work to do.

as of 03-25-2000
Nothing changed short of improveved weather and some fine tuning. The weather held a constant 59, 69% humidity and 29.68"Hg absolute Barometric pressure through out the evening. The first pass spun yielding a 1.57 60ft and 10.74. This showed 10.6's were going to be easy. On the next pass I preloaded less and hooked for a 1.46 60ft, 6.746 1/8 and 10.64 1/4 I then followed that up with a 1.45 60ft, identical 6.746 1/8 and 10.67 1/4. In the final pass, I spun again to a 1.60 60ft and 10.85, but a new best trap of 127.94 MPH. My only complaint of the night was traction, Rockingham doesn't believe in using VHT on street nights so you have to run it soft out of the hole. I think I might just get some 10.5's when I run on a sea level track at MIR April 22nd, provided weather conditions are on my side.
as of 03-10-2000
Hoover may now be the fastest Naturally Aspirated LT1 Street car on the PLANET! The weather wasn't as good as last time when I was running 1/8ths, barometric pressure was 29.50" Hg, Humidity 70-73%, temp 67-70 depending on the time. Last time I was out there for 1/8ths we had a Bar of 29.80 which is pretty good at Rockingham and the temp was only about 60 later in the evening. At any rate the car was running good, I made 5 passes 10.872, 10.857, 10.834, 10.987(spun 1.60 60ft), 10.829. It seems to have solid 10.8's down and I never ran an 11 all night. The printer was down on my 10.82 run I got a hand written slip so I scanned my second best slip for backup. My MPH isn't where I was shooting for still. Most runs were 125.x MPH, but the run where I spun and got the 1.6 60ft I hit a best MPH of 127.31 MPH. So I guess the MPH is there, just need to find it back. My 1/8 traps(99.x MPH) and 60 fts were a little slower(ran 2 - 1.489's) than last trip out, that's just the weather conditions. In April Hoover will will be running at MIR, so I will get a shot at a sea level track.
as of 02-24-2000
It has been a busy winter. Hoover got a new set of pistons allowing for larger combustion chamber that further unshroud the valves, yet increased compression to 12.6:1. Also more intake manifold work, a standard volume oil pump, a fresh set of clutches in the transmission, MT ET Fronts skinnies, and 3.75 rear gears. Finally I completely removed the NOS. Hoover is now 100% Nitrous Free. I found the car to feel different and still need more runs to get used to it. It is pulling harder in the upper RPMs and the 3.75 gears bring the shifts on sooner. On almost every run I ran into the 7250 rev limiter before shifting. This was holding my traps back from there full potential. Only on the last run of the day did I get the shifts right demonstrated by the increase in trap speed. Naturally on that run I didn't hook and lost a tenth in the 60ft. In the old days I could practice my shift points away from the track, but these days the Nittos don't hold it down under 45 MPH. Within another trip to the track or so I should have it running as consistent as last year. But at any rate out of 5 runs, my slowest was a 6.96 and a quickest of 6.90. The result 6.90 and 102.3 MPH. Quickest ET and fastest Trap. That is 3.8MPH faster than Hoover has ever run the 1/8 before, full 1/4 miles should be 128-129 MPH. This was still done on 93 octane pump gas with a little tweaking to the timing map. I have to say it is great having the car back together again. I have been driving it to work everyday for 2 weeks now. The next outing will probably be March 4th and there should be full 1/4 mile runs.
as of 10-17-99
I was out at Rockingham dragway for their Racers Appreciation Event this weekend There were no 1/4 mile classes at the event so all my runs were 1/8 mile runs. Well, in the third round I cut a .501 light. This gave me the bye run in the forth round, an opportunity to Juice IT!! It was running very rich as there was quite alot of black smoke. I definatly need to lean it some. I also didn't engage NOS until I was almost through the 60ft. The result 6.63 @ 106.09 MPH. For all you non 1/8 mile guys, that is the equivelent of a 10.2x second ET. With some tuning and sooner engagment it looks like a 10.10 or even 10.0 may be possable. Time will tell. On another note, in naturally aspirated trim Hoovers best of the day was 7.075 @ 98.44 MPH. The conditions were not as good as last time out, but this is a new best 1/8 mile trap speed. I think this new cam may be working out well.
as of 9-21-99
Did just a little tweaking to the chip inorder to compensate for advancing the cam 3. I found a little power in the 6500-7200 RPM zone. That helped to get just a little more out of it. I ran an 11.08, 11.07 and a best of 11.063 @ 123.40 MPH That 10 is getting so close, yet so far. This cam is working well, but I am trying to improve my current Camshaft profile. Just hope I don't slow it down.......Stay tuned.
as of 9-12-99
Sept is here the summer time North Carolina 95+ Race track temperatures are ending. The X-Pipe is in. I am finally realizing some of the potential gains from the all the exhaust upgrades. Yesterday at Rockingham dragway in a temperature of 72, Hoover was cracking 123 MPH. The last run of the night yielded the best launch, unfortunately due to an mistakingly early 2-3 shift the traps fell short. It does now stand as Hoovers best NA run though. My next upgrades will probaby include 3.73 gears and 1 7/8 inch primary headers. The cooler temps will probably get the last needed tenth of a second, but I really do want 10's consistently. On a side note, my CSI Electric water pump began leaking. I switched to a Meziere, it is a whole different pump. With a larger motor, a vastly improved impeller and a 2000 hr seal life, I highly recommend this pump over the CSI.
as of 7-15-99
I got the Tri-Flow Exhaust after a month on order. This thing looked beautiful. Except for one detail, the resonator looks highly restrictive. It appears as though they use the resonator to tune the exhaust. When they were tuning this exhaust, they appear be focused on something a little closer to stock. The resonator drops to 2 1/2 inch pipe Then they used three baffles on each side. These baffles block approximately half of the 2 1/2" opening. I had little faith in getting any power improvement with this setup. When I contacted Tri-Flow regarding this matter they told me to give the system a try as it is. Well the results: on an average of 4 runs I gained .2 MPH. Best MPH down .03 MPH, basically there was no change from the stock exhaust. I think this is more of a credit to the stock pipes than discredit of Tri Flow. They are now constructing a 3" X Pipe to replace the Resonator.

On the brighter side at a local 1/8 mile track I got my best 60 ft ever a 1.537! Would you believe this was on my Nitto Drag radials? This track seems to keep the surface in top notch shape, next time I go there I will have to try the ET Streets, with that surface and the ET Streets I should be able to come out of the hole full bore with a 2500 RPM preload!

as of 5-22-99
Hoover attended the EFI shootout at Rockingham Dragway today(5/22/99). Hoover's best time, running on only Exxon 93, No NOS, No Blower, was 11.16 @ 121.50 MPH. Finally beat that 120 down, actually every run of the day was over 120. This run had a 60ft time of the evening was 1.550. All the numbers are starting to come together now. Since the last visit to the track I changed valve springs, tighted the lash to .017 from .020, Added a Mono-Blade 1300 CFM throttle body and made a few new chip refinments. The new springs didn't get the RPMs up, I still limited to 7200 RPMs. It is really starting to look like a problem with the opti-spark eliminator. The exhaust didn't get here in time for the event. I am hoping to get atleast 2 tenths from the exhaust. That will get me my 10.9. What looked so far away is starting to look very close! Once I get that 10.9 I will have to try a NOS run to update the 10.88 NOS run that is begining to look rather weak compared to my new all motor runs.
as of 5-9-99
Hoover ran at Rockingham Dragway last night(5/8/99). Hoover's best time, running on only Exxon 93, No NOS, No Blower, was 11.43 @ 119.95 MPH. Like that .95 MPH? couldn't give me the other .05 MPH, could it? My best 60ft time of the evening was 1.610, I would like to see that in the 1.5's. It seems to be running really good. This new cam idles and drives nicer than the ZZ-X. I am currently limited to 7200 RPMs. At 7200 it sounds like a rev limiter is engaging. This is forcing me to shift at 7100. I am still running the stock exhaust system on it, with Dynomax mufflers. The Tri-Flow exhaust system is next. I should be able to put that in before the EFI shootout on May 22. The next mods I am considering are advancing the cam to 107, that should give me a little more torque out of the hole. But it is alot of work for a small change, so I am not sure yet.
Also, Gears, I am considering 3.92 gears. Currently, I am going through the traps at 5700 RPM, thats a long ways from peak hp. I shift into 3rd by the 1/8 mile, then spend the entire second half of the track working through the bottom of third gear.
One other consideration: A 1300 CFM Mono Blade Throttle body. I am getting about 1.5" of vacuum while at WOT over 5500 RPM.
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